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Free Morphing 2.1.42

Free Morphing 2.1.42: Free morphing program Free Morphing creates a sequence of frames which are the transformation of the source image to target image, giving the appearance that the source image "becomes" the target. Images must be true color (24 bit) and have the same size. In the program you can create lines (the same number in Source and Target) which describe the transformation. You should create line objects in the same order on boths images. There are various viewing tools for preview

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Creative-Paint! (Professional Edition!) 3.1.3

Creative Paint is a 100% Free Image Editing and Photo Manipulation Software designed to be used on computers that run Windows Xp sp2 or Higher. It Supports Layers, Unlimited Undo, Special Effects, Several Image Formats (FileTypes), Plugin Support System and a wide variety of Useful and Powerful Tools! Created By Michael J. Hardy Using The Free Open Source Project PaintDotNet... Source Code is available upon request...

image editor, paint, ms paint, creative paint, microsoft paint

Power Engineer Visualization Component 4.0: electric power Engineering Visualization VC++ Source Code Solutions
Power Engineer Visualization Component 4.0

tools available on the market today. In addition to the state of the art graphic user interface, ucancode ships 100% VC++/MFC Source Codes of this solution, this will be a good start to help you build any very professional Power Engineering applications. "Diagramming business logic when developing a custom application is a time-consuming, tedious—and necessary—process. With E-XD++ Diagramming Source Code Kit, you can spend more time focusing

source, electric, visualization, power, solutions, engineering, code

VB Source Code Controls 2.0: Visual Basic Source Code.  Free example plus Calendar, Clock, Scheduler, Slider.
VB Source Code Controls 2.0

Visual Basic Source Code that demonstrates how to make VB Controls by using a Picturebox and pure VB Code. Current VB Components include: Scheduler Source Code, Calendar Source Code, Clock Source Code, Slider Source Code, Scheduling Program and a Free Visual Basic source code control example. All of the Source Code is compatible with VB3 - VB6. The source code draws the control directly on a Picturebox and can be compiled into any VB program. Visual Basic Source Code

free source code, visual basic source code, vb scheduling, vb calendar, vb source code, vb slider, vb scheduler, vb clock

ShowMyPC 3.51: ShowMyPC Desktop sharing and Remote PC Access
ShowMyPC 3.51

ShowMyPC is now a Community for Remote Support providers. Providing tools for Instant Support to Service Providers and Users. It started as an open source Desktop Sharing and Remote PC access project, an alternative to subscription based sites like WebEx or Gotomypc.

sharing, access, desktop, remote, showmypc

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